Under the influence of solar radiation algae form themselves or spread e.g. in swimming pools and well systems. The water turns green or a layer of algae develops which has to be removed in a laborious process, mostly by hand. Nowadays, expensive chemicals are applied in order to prevent such

Without WELLAN 2000 ®With WELLAN 2000 ®


WELLAN 2000 is mounted on the feed pipe or on the circulation pipe of the swimming pool, well or cooling tower.As a result, the formation of algae in the water is reduced drastically. The use of chemicals for swimming pools is thereby cut down to less than 50%. Moreover, the expense of manual work required, e.g. for cleaning the pool edges is reduced considerably due to the anti-liming action. Private swimming pools can be operated without having to add chlorine. In the case of public swimming pools, however, a disinfection of the water is prescribed by the law.